A Flanders man was sentenced Friday to 4 years in prison for molesting two sisters who were close friends of his daughter.

Albert Carini, 54, pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree engaging in a course of sexual conduct with a child and second-degree sexual abuse. At the time, he admitted molesting the two sisters while they visited his house on sleepovers and were in his daughter's bedroom.

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Assistant District Attorney Dana Brown said Carini's daughter witnessed some of the abuse and that a Family Court proceeding would keep him away from her, too.

"Rarely have I met two girls who I wanted more to keep off the witness stand," Brown said, explaining why her office agreed to a plea deal. "This was their best friend's dad. These two girls trusted him. He should be ashamed of his actions."

The girls' father told Suffolk County Court Judge Barbara Kahn that his younger daughter told him, "He must have been stupid to think he could pedophile me and get away with it."

Carini did not speak in court.