A 12-foot giraffe has wandered far from its native Africa and out to the Hamptons — or so it would seem to passers-by at East Hampton Village’s impound lot.

A group of highway workers originally spotted the life-size wooden giraffe chained to a tree on the side of Huntting Lane on Wednesday about 7:30 a.m., East Hampton Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen said.

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Locals stopped to take pictures with the lifelike replica before police moved the giraffe to the village’s impound lot.

As of Monday afternoon, no one has reported the giraffe missing, though Larsen said he believes it has “probably been stolen.”

For now, the giraffe will remain locked in the lot, beside a pair of bright orange traffic cones and illegally parked cars impounded by the village.

Urging the owner to come forward, Larsen, joked: “We can’t keep feeding this thing. It’s costing us a fortune.”