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Greenport HS 'Peter Pan' mishap goes viral on YouTube

A blurry video, high-flying teen actresses and a few confused stagehands have made YouTube stars out of some students from Greenport High School.

The video, shot in the school's auditorium last February, shows a scene from the school's production of "Peter Pan" and two mishaps - a falling set and student actresses unexpectedly thrown into windows - now seen around the world.

>>>VIDEO: Greenport High School 'Peter Pan' mishap

The clip has attracted nearly 600,000 views and has received a five-star rating from nearly 800 people. Some of the students seen in the video have even taped a TV appearance on "The Tyra Banks Show".

The viral video - 1 minute, 49 seconds long - begins with the student playing Wendy eloquently reciting her lines on a quiet stage. Suddenly, Peter Pan, played by Elizabeth Richter and tethered to a wire, "flies" in through the bedroom window - taking down the window frame and the wall around it. Students quickly put the set back together and the play resumes.

But moments later, another character, Jane, also wired and quietly resting in a bed on the other side of the stage, is abruptly lifted up and flies headfirst into the same window, again knocking it loose. The frazzled girl, Dory Lieblein, runs offstage. Cast members said the chaos was due to confused adult and student volunteers who pulled the wires at the wrong times. No one was injured.

Richter posted the video, shot by her father, soon after the Feb. 27 performance. The 16-year-old said she never expected it to attract so many views and can't explain why it has become so popular in the last three weeks.

Lieblein, 13, said the response has been overwhelming. "I think it'll make a great story," she said.

Richter, who wants to pursue a career in theater, said she has learned from the experience. "Nothing else can go that badly again," she said. "I can only go up from here."

>>>VIDEO: Greenport High School 'Peter Pan' mishap

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