A frozen fire hydrant delayed the Holbrook Fire Department's efforts Thursday morning in extinguishing a Holtsville house fire, fire officials said.

The fire department responded to a call for a fire on Glide Lane at 5:36 a.m., Chief Joseph Fannon said.

All three family members living at the residence were able to escape before firefighters arrived, Fannon said.

But firefighters were delayed several minutes as they dug a plug of ice from a frozen hydrant. As one group tried to free the frozen hydrant, Fannon said, another group extended hoses to a different hydrant about 200 to 300 feet away.

"It slowed us down a little bit and we were delayed from attacking the fire by a few minutes," he said. But Fannon said he did not think the extra time connecting to the second hydrant was much of a factor in the overall damage to the house.

There were no injuries, but there was significant damage to the home's second floor and attic, he said.

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Fannon said although neither of the hydrants used was buried in snow, he reiterated a request by fire authorities that residents clear buried fire hydrants in their neighborhoods, after Long Island recorded a record January snowfall of more than 30 inches.

Fannon said buried hydrants remain an issue and asked that residents pitch in and clear snow wherever possible.