One dog had an eye injury while the other had severely infected ears, authorities said Thursday after taking the canines from a "squalid" Huntington yard.

Their owners were charged Thursday with misdemeanor animal cruelty in a case that began the day before with a 911 call of dogs fighting at 5 Denmark Court, police said. Officers saw the dogs in the yard full of broken glass, metal and other debris, but no water and food, said police and Huntington Town officials.

"They were both basically killing each other in this backyard," said Gerald Mosca, the town's animal shelter director, who was called in to rescue the dogs. "If we hadn't stepped in . . . these infections would have gotten to the point where they would have killed the dogs."

Public safety officials will determine if the house should be on the "blight" list, a process that requires a hearing that could lead to owners making repairs or even razing the home, town spokesman A.J. Carter said.

The flea-ridden, thin dogs, a female German shepherd and a male pit bull, were taken to an animal hospital to be treated for many old wounds and new bleeding, as well as for other ailments, officials said.

Errol James, 55, who lives at the house, and his friend Derrick Simon, 54, of 487 Nostrand Ave. in Central Islip, were each was charged with one count of animal cruelty. Arraignment was scheduled for Friday, police said.

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Their dogs were "living in squalid and unsanitary conditions with no food and water present" in a yard full of debris, Det. Lt. William Burke of the Second Precinct said.

James owned one dog and Simon the other, Burke said, but details, including how long the dogs were in this condition and why, were not available from the men: "They're not being too cooperative."

The black and white shepherd, about 8 to 10 years old, had a hole for an ear and tumors on her body, Mosca said. It had at least eight leg wounds that were "bleeding profusely," he said, and infection plugged up her ears.

The pit bull, white with black spots, was missing teeth and had a punctured eye, and was in such bad shape that it was hard to determine its age, Mosca said.

The two are expected to survive and are on pain medication, Mosca said. "They're being treated with the best care."