The Town of Islip has inked a new deal to hand off its debris to the Brookhaven Town landfill -- the first of what officials hope is a series of shared service agreements.

Supervisors Angie Carpenter of Islip and Edward P. Romaine of Brookhaven signed the intermunicipal pact on Tuesday.

Through the end of 2019, Islip will pay Brookhaven $3.25 million annually to dispose of an estimated 60,000 tons of ash, street sweepings, crushed glass, and construction and demolition debris from the town's Resource Recovery Center in Ronkonkoma.

The new agreement expands on the previous contract signed in 2008, which limited the material Islip could dispose at the Yaphank landfill to ash.

The deal is "saving Islip money by not having to transport the debris out of state," said Romaine, who also hailed the additional income for his town. "This provides a steady stream of material and revenue," he said in an interview.

Carpenter said in a statement that the deal "is another example of an intermunicipal agreement between neighboring towns that will in the long run, benefit our residents . . . This partnership with Brookhaven provides Islip with an avenue for disposal of ash, construction debris and other materials in a safe and responsible manner."

Last year, Islip paid Brookhaven $3.1 million to dispose of nearly 59,000 tons of ash.

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Romaine said he hopes the two towns continue to cooperate in joint ventures.

"We're the first and second largest towns" in Suffolk County, he said. "We're going to find ways to cooperate and save costs and do things jointly. Shared services is the buzzword, and we're committed to it."