In motions filed by the Suffolk County district attorney's office, prosecutors quote several of the defendants' statements, which they say were taken by police detectives after the killing of Marcelo Lucero last November. Attorneys for Jeffrey Conroy, Kevin Shea and Anthony Hartford deny their clients ever made the statements. Jose Pacheco's lawyer said in the referenced statement below that Pacheco was talking about physically defending his friends.

Forthcoming hearings will determine if the statements were properly taken and can be presented as evidence at trial. Following are excerpts from the court papers.

Jeffrey Conroy: "We would go Mexican hopping which is looking for Spanish people to beat up," Conroy told detectives when asked if he had ever done anything like this before. One week prior, he told detectives, "We snuffed a Mexican on Jamaica [Avenue] near my house. We knocked him out cold."

Kevin Shea: According to the motion, Shea corroborated Conroy's account of the Nov. 3 incident, saying "I have been involved in beatings like this before but no one ever used a knife. We would just beat people up." Shea's statement then names the people present at an assault on Nov. 3 on Jamaica Avenue.

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Anthony Hartford: "The last time I went out jumping Beaners was Monday, November 3, 2008. There was a Beaner on Jamaica Avenue near my house and Jose, Kevin and I started popping and Jose punched him so hard he knocked him out. I don't go out doing this very often, maybe only once a week."

Jose Pacheco: Referring to the Nov. 3 assault, "The detective commented to Pacheco that 'the littlest guy' landed the knock out punch during the assault on Jamaica Avenue earlier in the week to which Pacheco replied 'the guy never seen it coming' and that 'he went straight down.' " -