WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama wants Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to stay on as his party's chairwoman.

Wasserman Schultz has overseen the Democratic National Committee since early 2011. Party officials credit her in part with helping the president carry her home state of Florida, as well as leading the party to an expanded majority in the Senate and more seats in the House.

"I've asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz to continue her excellent work as chair of the DNC," Obama wrote on Twitter Monday. "Thanks for all you do, Debbie."

The tweet was signed "bo," which the White House says signals that the president wrote it personally.

Wasserman Schultz tweeted in response: "Thank you, Mr. President. I am honored to serve."

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Democratic officials said Obama has asked DNC members to back Wasserman Schultz when they meet in January, just after his second inauguration.

A mother of three and a breast cancer survivor, Wasserman Schultz, 46, has represented a reliably Democratic Fort Lauderdale-area district in Congress since 2005. Along the way she has earned a reputation as a workhorse and as an outspoken liberal happy to duke it out on television with her Republican counterparts. Wasserman Schultz grew up in Melville.

Throughout the presidential election, Wasserman Shultz was a prominent spokeswoman for Obama in Florida, where the president eked out a close win in the November election. As a Jew and a strong advocate for Israel, she also provided a bulwark for Obama against Republican efforts to paint him as anti-Israel.

Wasserman Schultz buoyed her reputation as a fundraiser during the 2012 election cycle as well, with Democrats noting that she was particularly adept at bringing into the fold donors to Bill and Hillary Clinton who had been wary of supporting Obama. She supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.