Enraged by his ex-girlfriend's affair with a "lifelong friend," a Central Islip man killed both in separate attacks Friday before fatally shooting himself while being chased by police, Suffolk officials said.

The family of Genis "Benny" Walker, 26, and police said Friday that he had a tumultuous relationship with Jessica Hernandez, 22, that she had ended within the past two weeks.

At about 2:30 a.m. Friday, Hernandez's aunt was in a bathroom at Hernandez's Central Islip home when she heard a scream, said Det. Sgt. Thomas Groneman of the Homicide Squad.

The aunt forced the door open and found Walker atop Hernandez on the bed, stabbing her repeatedly, police said.

"The aunt jumps on his back to try to stop him but he throws her off and climbs and attacks her again," Groneman said.


After more attempts by the aunt to stop the attack, Walker fled in a Hyundai Sonata owned by Hernandez's mother, who also lives in the house, police said.

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Hernandez died soon after arriving at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore.

Hours before police say Walker stabbed Hernandez, he changed his online relationship status on Facebook to "widow," the family said.

At 8:20 a.m., Walker arrived armed with a 9-mm handgun at the Patchogue home of longtime friend Arthur Ward, 26, and Ward's fiancee, police said.

Walker confronted Ward in the driveway before shooting him three times at close range, officials said. Ward's fiancee witnessed the attack and was helping him when officers arrived.

The fiance was not initially alarmed by Walker's presence and had not been aware of Ward's relationship with Hernandez, police said.

Walker was gone by the time officers reached the house. Minutes later, a Suffolk County sheriff's deputy spotted the maroon Sonata on North Ocean Avenue near the Long Island Expressway.

Over the next several minutes, officers and a police helicopter followed Walker as he drove at a controlled speed, at one point waving a gun at a pursuing officer, police said.

A Sixth Precinct sergeant activated a tire-puncturing device in front of the car on Horseblock Road, puncturing two tires.

Walker drove about a quarter mile before veering off the road, apparently after shooting himself, and crashing into a police supply store, police said.

Officers who surrounded the car with guns drawn found Walker slumped over with a gunshot to the head. He was later pronounced dead at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

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Walker, one of seven children, dated Hernandez for five years and they eventually lived together, said his sister, Aida Ramlochan, 29 of Bay Shore.

Police said Ward and Hernandez were in a relationship. Ramlochan said the relationship began while Walker was in jail for about eight months.

She said her brother learned of the affair but forgave Hernandez. He became angry when he learned recently the relationship had continued after his January release, she said.

Around 1 a.m., Ramlochan said Walker left the family house in Bay Shore. Sometime before 3 a.m., he called home, saying "I killed Jessica," said his brother, Jaheam Devin, 27.

Ramlochan also spoke to Walker. "He wouldn't tell us where he was," she said. "He said, 'I'm not going back to jail.' He kept telling us he was sorry."