It was almost a case of cash and carry when a homeless man broke into a village hall, Southold Town police said Wednesday.

A recently installed surveillance system showed Richard E. Kurdt, 46, rummaging through desks, cabinets and closets for about two hours late Monday at Greenport Village Hall, police said.

What he netted was minor — less than a $1 in change from a woman’s desk, two flashlights and earbuds — but his charges were felonies, third-degree burglary and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

“For the severity of this type of crime, you’d think he’d think a little bit more through the risk-reward,” said Det. Ned Grathwohl, who is investigating the case.

Kurdt may have entered through an unlocked door, he said, and the Village Hall’s recently installed surveillance system shows him going through the building, at one point leaving and returning.

On Tuesday, the burglary report was taken by Officer Daniel Lillis, who viewed the surveillance footage and remembered seeing Kurdt around the village, Grathwohl said.

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Then Wednesday afternoon, Lillis was on patrol when he spotted the homeless man walking in the village and arrested him, confiscating the two flashlights and earbuds he had on him, the detective said.

The money was gone, police said.

“I guess if you’re homeless, that could be a lot of money,” Grathwohl said. “I think if there was more in there that he could have obtained, he would have.”

Arraignment details were not immediately available.