The Town of Shelter Island spent $4.7 million in payroll for municipal employees in 2015, according to town documents.

While the lowest among town payrolls of towns across Long Island, the figure represented a 5 percent increase over 2014, and a 14 percent increase since 2011, the records show.

In an interview, Town Supervisor James Dougherty said the increases over the past five years can be attributed to nonunion workers receiving 2 percent annual raises and union employees receiving pay increases through their collective bargaining agreement.

Shelter Island, which has a population of roughly 2,400 residents, had 132 town employees in 2015, up from 124 the previous year. It wasn’t immediately known what positions were added.

While more than $247,000 was spent on overtime in 2013, the number fell to roughly $197,000 in 2014 and rose to $246,000 last year, records show.

Dougherty said the fluctuating numbers are a result of staffing needed for highway department crews during winter months.

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Dougherty said last winter was harsh and that the increase in overtime was used to battle snowstorms in addition to other weather-related incidents.

There were 19 Shelter Island residents per town worker, records show. The 10 highest salaries came from the police department.

Chief James Read earned a total of $185,000, followed by Sgt. Jack Thilberg with $173,000 in total compensation, records show.

Town Supervisor James Dougherty earned $85,000, documents show.

Town Attorney Laury Dowd made $82,000 in total compensation, while Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar made $81,000, records show.

Shelter Island Town Board members made nearly $37,000.

The highest overtime earner was Thilberg, with $35,000, according to documents. Brian Sherman, a labor crew member in the highway department, was next with $17,000 in overtime.