A Suffolk County jail inmate in court Tuesday on charges stemming from a driving incident got into trouble again when investigators found cocaine and heroin hidden in his underwear, the Suffolk sheriff's office said.

Keandre Hudson, 17, of Bellport, had swallowed 16 small, folded wax bags of heroin and another bag containing cocaine before he arrived at the county jail Nov. 4, said Michael Sharkey, chief of staff for Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

"It's a really risky thing to do," Sharkey said. "If the containers they have it in do not hold up -- what he had was certainly enough to kill him."

Correction officer investigators, who develop tips through colleagues and inmates, learned that Hudson had passed the drugs while he was in jail, Sharkey said. He was going to use the drugs to barter for other things from inmates, the sheriff's official said.

Hudson told other inmates and word got out, Sharkey said: "The intelligence that we had was that he was trying to dispose of it to his benefit. You can't necessarily sell things in jail because people don't necessarily have money in jail, but they have other things that you need or want."

Hudson took his drugs with him when he went to court, sheriffs said.

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"When you're in jail and you have something important to you, you're not going to leave it behind," Sharkey said. "It's kind of like when you're on vacation and you have a diamond ring with you. You're not going to leave it on the counter in your room when you go down to the pool."

Hudson was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance on the cocaine, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance on the heroin, two counts of promoting prison contraband and tampering with physical evidence, officials said.

The amount of each drug was not immediately available.

He was in jail pending hearings in connection with charges stemming from one incident, Sharkey said. Those charges include a felony charge of driving while his license was suspended, unauthorized use of a vehicle and menacing disorderly conduct. Details of the driving incident were not immediately available.