A tip about a cockfight scheduled to take place at a home in Central Islip led to the arrests of two men, and the confiscation of 17 fighting birds and a pit bull on Thursday, authorities said.

Victor M. Bonilla, 66, and Jessie Brandon Maldonado, 23, were arrested on charges of animal cruelty, Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross said.

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Acting on the tip, Gross said the SPCA, along with Suffolk police Third Squad and Crime Control Unit officers, Town of Islip fire marshals and Town of Islip Animal Control officers responded to 7 Monsen St., where both men live, seizing a cockfighting ring and fighting implements in addition to the birds and the dog.

In the statement released Friday, Gross said: "Cockfighting is a cruel, barbaric practice that leads to other crimes. This successful investigation will help disrupt the illegal bird fighting and quality of life issues in Suffolk and surrounding areas."