The Hauppauge High School student with a confirmed MRSA infection returned to school Thursday after being treated with antibiotics at home, district officials said.

The student missed two days of school, said Pam Donovan, spokeswoman for Hauppauge Public Schools.

"It was a very minor case. It was a skin infection in a covered area," she said.

Donovan called it an "isolated" case that did not involve any other students or school employees. The student's age and other information were not released.

Officials alerted parents of the infection Wednesday in a letter posted on the district's website. The case is the third reported at the high school this year.

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In January, Hauppauge junior wrestler Nick Mauriello Jr. developed a MRSA infection that doctors said became life-threatening when it caused a rare condition known as Lemierre's syndrome. He spent 19 days in the hospital but has since recovered.

MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a type of staph bacteria that does not respond to traditional antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin. Infections are treatable with more powerful antibiotics.

MRSA, common in hospitals and nursing homes, is also spread in community settings like gyms, weight rooms and locker rooms, making athletes more prone to infection than other students, health experts say. In the most recent Hauppauge case, however, the student was not involved in school sports, officials said.

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Donovan said the district responded by ordering additional cleaning of locker rooms and instructional areas, and advising students about proper hygiene.