A Suffolk sheriff's canine team helped provide scent evidence in a "large-scale, ongoing" federal investigation by linking about $1 million in seized cash to a criminal narcotics case, the sheriff's office said Wednesday.

Deputy Greg Negra and his 2-year-old Belgian Malinois partner, Bob, were brought by the Drug Enforcement Agency last week to an undisclosed "secure location," the sheriff's office said. There, the dog indicated a scent link between the narcotics case and cached bundles of uncirculated currency.

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"The sheriff's deputy 'K-9 Bob,' a dual-purpose narcotic and patrol service dog, was put to the task of locating six different packages of seized funds hidden in various locations and rooms," the county office said in a news release. "The currency was entered into evidence and remains in the custody of the DEA Task Force."If the case results in arrests and prosecution, the scent evidence will be used in court.The DEA has limited the public disclosure of details on the case, such as the time and place of Bob's search or the names of suspects because the investigation is still active, sheriff's spokeswoman Kristin MacKay said.

A DEA spokeswoman could not be reached for comment.