The Suffolk County Police Department said Tuesday that "no crime has been committed" in the case of a Longwood High School student who created a YouTube video and a fake Facebook page about a fictitious teen who commits suicide.

Jessica Barba, 15 and a freshman, said she posted the anti-bullying video May 15 as part of a school project on persuasive speech. The following day, a school official told her she was suspended for a week, beginning May 17, she said.

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School officials, who declined to comment Tuesday, have refused to elaborate on the case. They would not name Barba or say how she violated the school's policies. They did say a parent had alerted police on May 15.

Police on Monday confirmed the parent's call and said they were investigating.

In the video, Barba plays a 12-year-old who is bullied in school and online. A caption near the end states the girl committed suicide. The clip opens and closes with a note saying the character is fictional.

Barba's father, Michael, said he wasn't surprised by the police department's finding. "The thing was silly from the get-go," he said. "I'm just waiting for the nonsense to be over."

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Jessica Barba said she does not understand her suspension. "I don't get it."