Telephone scams that target Suffolk residents who might be convinced to send money almost anywhere to help a relative in trouble have increased recently, said Suffolk police, who reissued a warning Friday first issued two weeks ago.

A potential victim would typically receive a telephone call from someone claiming that a family member is in trouble and needs money wired immediately, police said.

The fake scenarios might include a claim that the relative was arrested and needs money for bail; or the relative owes someone money; or even that a relative was in a car accident, and is being held at gunpoint until thousands of dollars in damages are paid.

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These types of scams have been reported throughout the country, and locally over several years, Suffolk police said, noting an increase over the past week.

Authorities advised that anyone receiving calls of this nature contact the police and ask that they investigate the claim. The number for Suffolk County Crime Stoppers is 800-220-TIPS.