Town of Islip officials have plans to demolish one dilapidated house and clean up several others, trimming the list of eyesores and hazardous properties in town, which officials are committed to eradicate.

Two “severely damaged” structures sit on the property on Wisconsin Avenue in Bay Shore with unsecured and broken doors and windows, due to a previous fire, Assistant Town Attorney Robert Valetta said at a recent town board meeting where the resolutions passed. “The house has already suffered a partial collapse, and the rest of the house is in danger of total and imminent collapse,” he said. A town building inspector has issued a notice to remove the structures, according to the resolution.

Along with the Bay Shore property, seven other board-up and cleanup resolutions were considered at the meeting. The town board passed five of the resolutions, while two of the resolutions, one for a home on Birch Street in Central Islip and another on Wildwood Court in East Islip were withdrawn from the agenda.

Homes to be cleaned and or boarded up include a home on Chapel Hill Drive in Brentwood, where Valetta said there was litter, debris and a missing chain-link fence, making the property a “nuisance” and a “fire, safety and health hazard.”

A vacant home on Oak Street in Central Islip has “broken and unsecured doors” and an “unsecured accessory structure,” along with litter and debris.

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Homes on Peters Boulevard in Central Islip, Fitchburg Street in Bay Shore and Alwick Avenue in West Islip are also slated to be boarded up and cleaned. Those homes’ issues range from infestations, broken doors and windows to overgrown vegetation and noxious weeds, all creating fire, health and safety hazards, Valetta said.

The town board has passed dozens of these resolutions in previous months. Beginning last year, town officials have aggressively campaigned against these types of properties, which they say create problems in neighborhoods, including inviting the presence of vagrants and decreasing area property values.