Ashlynne Xavier is a recognized master of critical thinking and language among fourth-graders nationwide.

The student at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School in Rocky Point was among 31 at that grade level throughout the country to earn a perfect score in the Blue Division of the WordMasters Challenge.

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The competition requires students to complete 25 analogies in a half-hour span using vocabulary that is above their grade level. Nearly 250,000 students nationwide in grades 3-8 participate in the challenge each year, WordMasters officials said.

"It came pretty easily to me," said Ashlynne, 9, who received a certificate and a medal for her achievement. "I'm proud, since I heard not many fourth-graders got a perfect score."

At her school, Ashlynne plays lacrosse and soccer and is a member of GATES, an after-school program for academically advanced students. In her spare time she enjoys reading and is a member of the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County.

The challenge will host two more meets this school year. The second will focus on the 25 words from the first meet and 25 new words, while the third will be a cumulative test on the 50 previous words and 25 new ones.