A Huntington High School sophomore is using his high-tech skills to help those in need get connected.

Michael Karasik, through his program TechConnect, collects and refurbishes older computers for distribution to families in need through the Family Service League in Huntington.

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Since starting last year, TechConnect has supplied more than 50 computers to people -- equivalent to $30,000 in equipment.

Karasik, 15, said he got the idea after hearing a radio report about computer distribution to needy families in Peru.

"I realized people here on Long Island don't have access to computers," he said. And the program has an ancillary environmental benefit, by keeping discarded computers out of landfills, he noted.

After collecting the computers, Karasik said he cleans the hard drives to remove the previous owner's data and installs programs such as LibreOffice and Microsoft Windows. Donors range from churches to clients of his father David's company, TechOne Computer Services in Huntington Station.

Karasik hopes to expand the program by posting fliers in his school inviting classmates and teachers to donate. Interested donors can contact him at helpingourtown@gmail.com.