More community participation is needed for the Huntington Station Action Now group to realize its potential, Ed Perez, co-chairman of the organization, said last week after the panel's subcommittees delivered updates on their progress since organizing in December.

The task force aims to address crime in the hamlet on the heels of a daytime triple shooting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The nine subcommittees' reports were given Wednesday night at town hall.

Perez said he would like to see more residents step up after the meeting, which was sparsely attended by those who were not on a committee.

"I was hoping to get more participation from the community," Perez said of the meeting. "But we started with 19 community leaders, and we now we are at 130, so we will continue to grow in all areas as we go forward."

Subcommittees include those that focus on youth concerns; community organization; education, human services and social services; housing and code enforcement; and funding resources.

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Subcommittees suggested communitywide events, a weekly day of prayer, support groups, neighborhood watch organizations, a job fair and a fundraiser.

"This is also an opportunity for other committees to see what the other groups have been doing," said Town Supervisor Frank Petrone. "This is the process of creating a blueprint in order to create something that is going to work."

Co-chairwoman Dolores Thompson said the group is moving toward solutions.

"The committees have worked very hard, they've held their meetings every month, and it's obvious from the reports that they have done their homework," Thompson said.