Age: 18
Year graduated: 2001 Locust Valley High School
Interests: Military intelligence.
What's Ahead: ROTC, University of Notre Dame.

Age 28, Astoria
Education: Bachelor’s degree in film and television, Notre Dame, 2005; MBA, Fordham University, 2009
Occupation: Producer, Hornet Inc.

Soon after graduating high school, Wohrle decided not to enroll in the ROTC and went after a film and television degree at Notre Dame.

“When I was a senior in high school, I was always that kid with the video camera around,” she said. “I made a video for my senior class, chronicling major events for the class throughout the year. Everybody got a VHS at the end of the year.”

Jan Wohrle
School: Locust Valley High School, class 2001
College: University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Wohrle chose to express her pride in her country, as inspired by her father, a Vietnam veteran and Army Reserve colonel, by joining the ROTC program at Notre Dame, with dreams of being a military intelligence officer in the Army Reserves. (June 5, 2001)

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Photo Credit: Newsday / Tony Jerome

Worhle, who graduated from Notre Dame in 2005, has since worked in television production, first for Sesame Workshop, which produces Sesame Street among other projects, and currently for Hornet Inc., a studio in Manhattan that produces short films and music videos. Clients include Uncle Ben’s Rice and Confused.com, an insurance comparison website.

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“I’ve been here a year and a half and I’m really happy,” she said.

Wohrle, 28, now lives in Astoria with her fiance, John Stebbins, 27, whom she met as a fellow MBA student at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. They are to be married in August.

Wohrle has not lost her love of the military, either. If she had her way, Worhle said she would like to combine her passions and work on projects for military families and veterans.

“I have enormous respect for the military and what they’re about and it’s something I hope to get back to some day.”