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6 hours too much for one in gas line

Six hours is the limit for Phil Solmosy, 46, of Farmingville, whose Jeep Liberty is at the front of the line of cars waiting for gas at the Hess station near his home.

The station, at the corner of North Ocean Avenue and the south service road of the Long Island Expressway, ran out of gas around 8:30 this morning, when Solmosy was just a handful of cars away from the front of the line.

He said station employees told him they expected another shipment around 12:30, so he showed up at noon and formed a line along the service road that now counts about 50 others.

At 2:45, the pumps were still dry and cordoned off.

At least four drivers in the line were sleeping with their engines turned off and one car was empty.

Solmosy and his companions at the front of the line - a coworker he brought with him and the driver of the car behind him, whom he'd just met - said people had been walking to the nearby fast food restaurants for sustenance.

Christian Fegalia, 35, "lucky number two" in line, said he would stay there as long as his bladder and hunger pains would allow.

On Friday, Fegalia, of Farmingville, ran out of gas twice on his way home from his job with a catering consultant business in Moonachie, N.J. -- 130 miles away.

"In Nassau County I ran out and I gave a guy with a container in his car 40 bucks for it," he said of trying to get home. "That got me to Ronkonkoma, and I called my dad and he helped me get back here."

Toward the end of the line, the Kirby family, of Coram, had been waiting for about 20 minutes. Husband and wife Brendan and Jennifer had to be at work in Melville and Miller Place, respectively, tomorrow.

"Compared to what I saw yesterday this is not bad," Brendan Kirby said.

They said they would stay for two hours and they had a bag of bagels in the back for their kids.

Solmosy, who works for a dental company in Woodbury, said he was preparing for a worst-case scenario.

"I get in touch with my boss," he said. "I'm not coming in."

--Erin Geismar 

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