It's fair to say that most reporters like to keep mum about their weekend plans. Not so, today for Newsday reporter Patrick Whittle, who was quite happy to deliver a play-by-play of his yard sale on Twitter.

Over the course of several hours, @pxwhittle gave followers a colorful glimpse of life as a sidewalk salesman.

Anyone thinking of going to the yard sale would have benefitted from Whittle's tweets. For instance, a buyer could have known ahead of time that Whittle would have given away a TV if someone had only asked.

Whittle commented on drivers-by, including some "gawkers" who almost crashed while spying the scene. He commented on who showed, friends who didn't show up, and even on the health of the economy.

Tweeted Whittle: "Reliance on yard sales tends to signify a soft economy. We're kicking butt, so the Recession lives. Sorry Obama."

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Whittle said he netted a decent amount, and then broke down in time for the U.S. vs. Britain World Cup game.

Follow the whole thread here.