A hallway at Commack High School (Newsday Photo / May 11, 2010)

Here we go again.

Police were called to Commack High School this morning after "evacuate the school" was found written on a bathroom wall.

During a walkthrough, police found nothing suspicious, but did find a swastika scratched on a bathroom door.

The school was not evacuated.

The incident comes only a day after students were cleared out when a note stating "CHS Prepare to Die”  was found in a girls’ bathroom.

Police say the incident was not a hate crime because the message did not target anyone specifically.

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The Commack school district posted this message on its website Tuesday following the incident:

"As a result of increased vigilance at Commack High School, we have discovered additional graffiti in that building. Security was increased at the beginning of the day, and the police department has been notified and is actively investigating.

"Unfortunately, we do not know how long the newly discovered graffiti has been there. All students and staff are going about their normal business, and there appears to be no cause for alarm.

"Given today's technology, numerous text message rumors are spreading rapidly throughout the building and the community. You will be notified directly via email and/or Connect Ed if the situation warrants further notification."

A Commack High School hallway. (Newsday Photo)