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Jenna Russo, a cast member of the Oxygen

Jenna Russo, a cast member of the Oxygen network's "Bad Girls Club," talks about how reality TV changed Russo's her and the side of her she wished more people knew. Credit: Erin Geismar is seeking participants for a Google+ Hangout at noon on Dec. 16 to discuss reality TV and its affect on the people cast in the shows.

This hangout was originally scheduled for Nov. 4 but was postponed due to superstorm Sandy.

The video chat coincides with the latest installment of our “In Another Light” series with Jenna Russo (aka “The Naughty New Yorker and “The Party Guru”) of the Oxygen network’s “Bad Girls Club.”

Russo, 25, of Massapequa, said she was cast in the show right after finishing college and she thought it would be an interesting life experience to put under her belt before settling into a career. But things quickly took a turn for the worse as personalities in the house clashed, which under the influence of alcohol became violent.

Russo left the house because she realized the experience wasn't worth risking her future career, and she could sense she wouldn't be portrayed in an accurate way. Despite her short time filming, Russo still made it into four episodes aired on TV, and has developed a loyal fan base.

Though Russo admits she likes to have a good time, she said she’s much more serious about her career than anyone watching her on TV might assume. She has been a counselor in a homeless shelter and a center for adults with disabilities, and she’s headed back to school for a degree in mental health counseling.

In next week’s “In Another Light,” learn more about how reality TV changed Russo’s life and the side of her she wished more people knew. Watch the interview on Dec. 16 at Then join in the conversation.

Anyone can watch the hangout. Do you have a Google+ account and want to join the conversation? Fill out the form below.

Pictured above: Jenna  Russo, former cast member of the Oxygen network's "Bad Girls Club"

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