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Baseball player, 12, wins speediest base-runner title at Cooperstown contest

Jordan Rose, a centerfielder and leadoff hitter for

Jordan Rose, a centerfielder and leadoff hitter for the Huntington-area St. Hugh/St. Elizabeth Saints A Team, won the baserunning skills competition at Cooperstown Dreams Park. (July 6, 2013) Credit: Handout

Jordan Rose is a speed freak.

While at a tournament with his travel baseball team, Rose, 12, of Huntington Station, rounded the bases at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 12.82 seconds, finishing faster than the speediest runners from the 103 other teams participating.

The feat came during the skills competition held on July 6 before the tournament, which Rose’s team, the Huntington-area St. Hugh/St. Elizabeth Saints, was competing in.

The Saints’ A team centerfielder and leadoff hitter outpaced runner-up Micah Mitchell of Florida’s Tallahassee Heat by .12 seconds, according to the Cooperstown Dreams Park website.

Saints head coach Jerry Black said Rose’s base running speed is all in his technique.

“He cuts the corners of the bases really well, he’s ahead of other kids in that,” he said. “I think that’s what made him the winner.”

Rose said that he had some help from his competitors in the form of baserunning mistakes. Any base missed by a runner in the competition results in a five second addition to the runners base running time.

“A lot of kids missed first,” said Rose. “One kid even missed home plate. I don’t know how he did it.”

Cooperstown Dreams Park holds a series of tournaments for travel baseball teams around the country from early June until the end of August. Each tournament can have up to 104 participating teams. Before each tournament there is a skills competition that includes baserunning and home-run contests.

Both the Saints’ A and B teams were eliminated in the first round of single elimination play of the tournament.

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