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Bay Shore people: Sue Korol Sharkey

Sue Korol Sharkey has lived in Bay Shore

Sue Korol Sharkey has lived in Bay Shore her entire life. (April 11, 2012) Credit: Erin Geismar

Editor's note: All week long, Erin Geismar is profiling people around Bay Shore, from community leaders to residents she bumps into around town.

Have you always lived in Bay Shore?

Momma and Poppa were from Poland; they were married in New Jersey and came out to Bay Shore in the ’20s. I was born here in 1930. I lived in the same house on the corner of Fifth and Union all my life until I got married. I have two sisters, they’re both gone now. One was a teacher and I just adored her so I was a teacher, too. I taught at the Bay Shore School District for three years. My husband also taught in Bay Shore.

Where did you live after you were married?

Poppa bought property and built houses. He bought land opposite the Bay Shore High School and he made a street. The name of the street is Korol Street, which is my maiden name and I live on Korol Street. He gave us each a plot of land. So all three sisters lived there until the other two died. It was nice.

What made you want to stay in Bay Shore as an adult?

I had a street named after me and I taught in the Bay Shore schools, and my husband also taught in the Bay Shore schools. I had friends and relatives here, so we stayed. There was no other place I wanted to go. I always wanted to stay here.

What is it about the community that you love?

The people are friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone is just always so nice. If you’re lucky enough to find a place like that, stay.

What changes have you seen in the area?

Stores and restaurants and malls. And just the growth of the whole community.

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