It seems everyone has something to say about the incident in which a JFK controller from Stony Brook let his children direct flights last week.

Facebook and Twiiter lit up with comments from people who on one side cut the controller little slack, saying he created a situation that potentially put travellers in jeopardy.

Others say it was a harmless incident. Their message: Get over it.

Comedian Bill Maher, on his weekly HBO talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher," sided with the latter group. He said the media " freaked out" about "a complete non-story."

"The kid was just telling the pilot what his father was telling him," Maher said, referring to the controller's son. "At no time was anybody in danger."

Then he dead-panned: "Although one pilot, I have to admit, was so surprised to hear a child's voice he almost spilled his margarita."

VIDEO: Listen to a child direct pilots at Kennedy Airport

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Here's what some others had to say from around the Web:

Twitter user "GinaA412" wrote on Mar. 4, 2010:

Doesn't the FAA have anything else to worry about?

Newsday user "gildavis" wrote on Mar. 4, 2010:

I remember back in the day when I was a kid, I went on a tour of the Ronkonkoma FAA facility that does ATC for the NY & LI airspace. Heck, they let me sit at the console, watch all the blips on the screen, and yes, even talk to the pilots. Okay, so I wasn't giving instructions, just small talk, but still, I was on the air over an FAA frequency. What this guy did was nothing more than you typing an e-mail and letting your kid click the send button.

Newsday user "hdaglis" wrote on Mar. 4, 2010:

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!!!! What is wrong with parents today, especially an air traffic controller. What would have happened if for any reason that plane had crashed on takeoff. Could that father have lived with that guilt! ...

Facebook user "Derek Lundquist" wrote on Mar. 5, 2010:

I dunno, maybe I'm reading this whole situation wrong. But I don't see this as THAT huge of a deal. I mean, yeah, it was wrong to let unskilled people talk to the pilots, but it's not like the kids were looking at the radar screens and making judgment calls.

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So what's your take? Was it a big deal, or way overblown?

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