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Birds swarm Eastport backyard

Hundreds of grackles invaded Jack Haughn's backyard and

Hundreds of grackles invaded Jack Haughn's backyard and swimming pool in Eastport Sunday. (Dec. 5, 2010) Credit: Jack Haughn

Jack Haughn's backyard went to the birds -- literally.

Hundreds of grackles invaded the Eastport man's backyard and swimming pool Sunday.

"It was like black when you walked by the window," Haughn said. "It was almost like we were being invaded by birds."

He said the 20-minute invasion of birds at his Tuttle Avenue home sounded like one big, constant chirp.

"We have seen groups of birds before but this was 100 times more than that," Haughn said. "I don't know if they just got cold and disoriented."

But Bill Fonda, Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman, said it's not uncommon to see huge flocks at this time of year.

Fonda said in the winter, birds like grackles, crows and European starlings start to group together for protection from the weather and predators. He said grackles start to flock together near the end of October.

Fonda said the reason for the bird invasion of Haughn's property could be there may have been a food source there like grains and seeds, or the birds just wanted to stop their flying activities because it was so windy.

Fonda said there is not much people can do to keep the grackles away but added that the birds are more of a nuisance than any sort of health risk.

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