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Good Afternoon
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Bonds OKd for waste district upgrades

With eight public hearings that together lasted about 20 minutes, Oyster Bay Town council members on Tuesday considered three local laws, fire protection agreements, hydrant rentals and the issuance of several bonds in what they called “housekeeping” measures.

Council members after the hearings voted to approve $1.3 million in bonds toward solid waste district improvements, $430,000 in bonds toward public lighting district improvements and $4.2 million in bonds toward improvements to park districts.

They also approved up to $20,270 in fire hydrant rentals from the Oyster Bay Water District for this year and fire protection contracts with seven fire companies for this year.

The council had considered, but did not vote on, a local law to allow owner’s licenses for vehicles for hire to be transferred under certain circumstances, a local law to provide prompt hearings after the revoking or suspension of a variety of licenses and permits, and a local law to modify the grounds for denial of a collateral loan broker’s license.

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