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Cackling 'cat' gets mowed over by irate cyclist

If you've never been pranked with one of those motion-activated laughing stuffed animals, you're missing out on about 10 minutes of entertainment. The furry dolls are called Roffles, as in the texting abbreviation "ROFL" (rolling on floor laughing). And Roffle is a fitting name -- these fuzzy little critters tumble around accompanied by hysterical laughter whenever an unsuspecting victim walks by.

Not everyone finds them amusing, however, as was made painfully clear in this clip posted on A Hamptons cyclist, already irritated from dealing with "idiots not knowing how to drive," happens upon a cackling kitty doll on the sidewalk and summarily rolls over it with her front tire. And then her back tire.

Then, after a swift kick sends the giggly-puss flying, the biker continues on her way.

Apparently, some people feel cats should stick to smug indifference.

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