Debby Izzo, owner, The Dirty Dawg

Previous community involvement:

I have been involved with the Bellmore Family Street Festival, Bellmore Barks and animal rescue rehabilitation.

How many members are in your chamber?

We have about 300 members.

When was your chamber founded?

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The chamber was founded more than 50 years ago.

How would you describe the business community?

A large family, always looking to help each other.

Briefly, what are the main issues for the chamber?

Trying to keep the mom-and-pop stores thriving with big box stores close by.

How has being involved in the chamber helped your business?

Name and face recognition in the neighborhood and great networking.

Ten years from now, how will things have changed?

I’m sure a lot of the faces will change around town, but I believe The Bellmores will always have that community feel.

Tell us something no one knows about your community.

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I don’t think people realize how big The Bellmores really are and all we have to offer.

Tell us something no one knows about yourself.

I actually went to college for accounting and computer programming and have also been certified as an EMT.