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Cosmetology students give back in Valley Stream

Valley Stream Central High School cosmetology students give

Valley Stream Central High School cosmetology students give new hairstyles to ninth graders at Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School who will be moving to the high school next fall for 10th grade. (June 8, 2012) Credit: Brittany Wait

Monik Walters is one of hundreds of freshman moving up to 10th grade at Valley Stream Central High School in the fall -- but not without reservations.

“I’m going to be nervous because now we’ll be the youngest in the school, and we’ll be new,” Walters said.

It helped that cosmetology students from the high school came to Memorial Junior High School on Friday to give makeovers to underclassmen.

Five cosmetology students provided hair and nail services to ninth-graders, hours before their promotion party, which celebrated their entering the 10th grade in the fall.

“We wanted to do something a little extra-special for them,” said Coreen Johnson, a family and consumer sciences teacher at Memorial Junior High School. “Students get to be pampered. They’ve been in the school for three years working very hard, so tonight they really get to feel very special.”

The event also earned the cosmetology students extra hours toward their 1,000-hour requirement for the state board exam. Kimberly Vivas, one of the cosmetology student volunteers, was excited to help out and also earn the extra hours.

“Last week, we had our prom, the seniors," said Vivas, 18, of Valley Stream, a senior. "And I guess this week it’s kind of like theirs.”

Walters was excited for the promotion party and for the chance to see all her friends in one place.

“I like that cosmetology at Central is offering to do it for free,” said Walters, 14, of Valley Stream, who got her nails done. “They’re offering their time to help us look our best for our last time at Memorial.”

Although the services were free, students still donated $2 in a plastic jar upon entering.

“We didn’t want the girls to have to pay for the service, because we feel that they work so hard, they’ve earned something very special. But we did ask them if they would be willing to contribute $2 toward St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,” Johnson said.

Thalia Pabon, another freshman heading to 10th grade, got her hair curled.

“It’s free and they do your hair and have fun with it,” said Pabon, 14, of Valley Stream. “I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know anyone that was going to do my makeup and hair, but it turned out nice.”

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