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Farmingdale students match hair and clothing for the prom

Tyler Chiofalo, 16, a Farmingdale High School student,

Tyler Chiofalo, 16, a Farmingdale High School student, wears a touch of pink to match his hair color while attending his school's 2016 junior prom on April 9, 2016. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Proms can be colorful affairs, but the Farmingdale High School 2016 junior prom took it to the next level Saturday night.

The energetic bash at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville featured the usual tuxedos and extravagant dresses.

But a few students in the Class of 2017 went a bit beyond their clothing to make a fashion statement.

“I’ve had my hair like this for some time now,” said Farmingdale junior Audrey Wenzel, referring to the royal blue, candy purple and emerald green streaks that ran through her shoulder-length cut. “So I had to find a dress to match.”

She pulled it off, and she wasn’t alone in her approach.

“I really like pink!” explained Audrey’s classmate Tyler Chiofalo, 16, whose hair was predominately dyed a bright, rosy hue. “That’s why I had to go for it.”

Finding Tyler was easy at almost any point, as his coiffure was noticeable across the room. Even as he danced — with club lights flashing on the crowd — he always stood out.

But was it easy finding clothing to match his striking pink 'do?

“It was the first thing I said when I walked in to get my tux,” tells Tyler.

“I was like, ‘I need this [first pointing to his clothes] to match this [then pointing to his hair color].”

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