After a week of sunny skies and, dare we say, spring-like temperatures, it looks like the weekend, and possibly several events, may be a big ole washout.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up next Tuesday, Long Island was gearing up for green bagels, green beers, and an array of, well, green parades. Unfortunately, some of the latter festivities run the risk of being washed out due to a possible Nor'easter.

Forecasters are calling for 2 1/2 to 4 inches of rain, and because the ground is saturated from several weeks of precipitation - both rain and snow - flooding is a strong possibility.

Some of the response to the bad weather has strayed from St. Patrick's day talk, though, with a couple Long Islanders worrying about beach erosion due to the beating the area has taken this winter.

Facebook user Vinnie Pinzone wrote:

I plan on driving to the beach to see the power [of the storm] ... poor smith's point always taking a beating

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Facebook user Suzanne Jones responded, writing:

A few more storms like we've had in recent years and there will be no Smith Point to go to. I'll be able to see the power [of the storm] from my front door!

By the way, one user mentioned this cool fact:

LISAT7 wrote:

On the news it was said that if this was snow, it would equal 36-60 inches. I wish it was snow.

What's your take on the weather we've seen the past few months?

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Workers from First Coastal fill bags containing 1.5 tons of sand and place them in front of Ron Lauder's oceanfront home just west of Beach Lane in Sagaponack, New York. (Mar. 12, 2010)