The Garden City Village board of trustees unanimously passed three new laws last week, including one establishing hours for when village businesses must remain closed.

Retail, commercial, industrial and manufacturing establishments cannot be open for business from midnight to 6 a.m. under a law passed, 8-0, at Thursday's board meeting. Each day a sale is conducted a separate violation will be issued. Violators will receive an appearance ticket.

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The law does not apply to offices for business or professional use, hotels, restaurants where food and beverages are consumed primarily on the premises, and any establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages at retail for on-premises consumption. The law also does not apply to work performed in a retail establishment as part of the daily opening or closing of the establishment.

The board also passed a law requiring certain exempt organizations, such as political and religious groups, to notify the village clerk before soliciting within the village. Village code had exempted those organizations from having a license to solicit.

Under the new law, groups must notify the clerk and submit a written statement, contact information, names of persons soliciting and proof of tax exempt status. The clerk will issue a certificate of compliance at no cost. Under the law, registered groups can receive a no-solicitation residents list from the village.

The board also approved a law to permit nonresident parking at municipal parking areas adjacent to the County Life Press, Garden City, Nassau Boulevard, Merillon Avenue and Stewart Manor railroad stations. Nonresidents can obtain a license and sticker for their vehicles.

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The laws went into effect immediately. The board has yet to set violation fees.