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Long Island shines as 'Guinness World Records' turns 60

Geronimo -- along with owner Samantha Valle --

Geronimo -- along with owner Samantha Valle -- made Long Island proud by breaking the Guinness World Record for most double-dutch style skips by a dog in one minute. Geronimo, a female border collie and kelpie cross, pulled off the feat on the set of NBC’s "Today" in Manhattan on April 7, 2014. Credit: NBC

The Guinness World Records  60th anniversary book chronicling amazing and unusual feats comes out Thursday.

So we thought it'd be a good time to take a look at records with Long Island connections.

Most are still standing, and while a few have since been overtaken, hey, that's the whole idea. Setting a mark is what motivates others to strive even harder.

Click on the link above to check out Long Island's record feats. And is there a Guinness World Record with a Long Island connection that we missed? Email information to

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