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Hampton Bays people: Nancy Squires-Fraser

Nancy Squires-Fraser, 53, is food service supervisor of

Nancy Squires-Fraser, 53, is food service supervisor of the Southampton Town Senior Services and a resident of Hampton Bays. (June 19, 2012) Credit: Amy Onorato


Community association: Food service supervisor for Southampton Town Senior Services.

How long have you lived in Hampton Bays?

My family has been here for eight generations. I left when I was 17 never to return, but then I came back and I live in the house I grew up in.

What made you decide to come back?

Upstate in college I met my husband and then after we decided to come back to Hampton Bays to make some money. We just decided to stay after that. I think he fell in love with the place, too.

How did your family come to live here?

Well, I don’t know if it’s the truth, but in the 1700s Ellis Squires and his brother -- I don’t remember his name at the moment -- were hired by the King and Queen of England as privateers. They started working up in Maine and traveled down the coast. They ended up here.

How have you seen the community change over the years?

I think it’s become a lot less personal. When I was growing up, it was more small-town here.

What challenges does the community face?

Due to the population the need for more regulation is there. Since there are more people they have to have rules about parking by the beach and by the parks. I miss things like being able to barbecue on the beach. Due to the population growth, we just can’t do that now.

How would you define the character of the community?

Even though it’s changed a bit, it’s still a small-town community here. You can still see the community supporting families in the area. I feel honored to be working and contributing to the community.

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