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Hampton Bays people: Pam Giacoia

Pam Giacoia is director of senior citizen services

Pam Giacoia is director of senior citizen services for the Town of Southampton, based at the Hampton Bays Town Center. (June 21, 2012) Credit: Erin Geismar

Community association: director of senior citizen services for the Town of Southampton, based at the Hampton Bays Town Center

How long have you been in this position?
I started working with the town 25 years ago, but I've been in this building for about nine years.

What do you like about working from this center, in particular?
Well, I live here. I grew up in Water Mill but live here so I know this community.

So when did you move to Hampton Bays and why?
I moved here in 1970. I got married young and we bought our first house here. I raised my children here, they all went to the Hampton Bays schools then left for college. They all moved in different directions but then they all came back here and they all bought houses in Hampton Bays.

Tell me about the senior center.
Our goal — as it is at all the town's centers — is to improve the quality of life for our seniors. Food is a big component here, we serve a continental breakfast and lunch at noon with a main entree and several alternatives. But this is really a community center. They come here to meet up with people and socialize. And we offer a wide variety of activities for everyone.

What's unique about this center in Hampton Bays?
In this center, we are right in the middle of town. We're highly visible in the community. From here, seniors have access to the post office, the bank, the stores, so this is a community gathering place. In my career, I always felt that people didn't know about these kinds of services until they were in a crisis but here, people seek us out. They come in and they inquire.

What's your favorite part of living and working here?
I'm very blessed to come here every day and be with the seniors. They have such wonderful things to give and we provide a venue for that. And I love it here because I'm a beach girl and we have beautiful beaches.

How would you characterize the community?
Cohesive. People try to work for the good of the whole community

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