The Town of Huntington now has the authority to buy 5 acres of the former Park Avenue Dairy, which will be part of the town's planned historic trail.

The town board, in a 4-1 vote Tuesday, authorized the execution of sale and appropriated $585,000 to buy the land at the southwest corner of Park Avenue and Woodhull Road. It is the fourth acquisition in the assembly of a Heritage Trail, which will showcase town historic sites, town spokesman A.J. Carter said.

"The property, an important historic site, is a key trailhead link in the planned Huntington Heritage Trail," Carter said in a statement Thursday.

The town's Historic Preservation Commission supported the purchase from Kiruv Capital Corp. The property sits in the Town Spot, the historic core of Huntington's colonial settlement, the commission said in a letter to the town board.

During the American Revolution, the farmhouse on the property was occupied by British officers, while Hessian troops lived in six huts constructed on the northeast corner of the property, the letter said.

"The acquisition of this property will preserve environmentally sensitive open space in the historic Village Green area," the commission said.

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The Heritage Trail concept came from a community group that formed to protect Hilaire Woods. That concept is being finalized by the town's Trails Committee and will be planned with input from the Historic Preservation Commission, Carter said.

The three previous purchases were: Hilaire Woods, with Suffolk County, 8 acres; Hilaire Woods Additions, 0.8 acre, and the Hilaire Woods Addition/Gottsegen property, 1 acre.