Frivolous lawsuits are a dime a dozen. (And no, I'm not necessarily talking about Lindsay Lohan's latest case against E-Trade).

However, could an East Islip-based company's patent case against Google and Facebook be legitimate, or is it an unfounded attack on two social media giants?

The lawsuit I'm referring to, according to Dow Jones, is a patent-infringement case brought up by Wireless Ink Corp. The company alleges that Facebook and Google's mobile technology infringes on the company's 2009 patent (which can be found here).

The patent is titled "Method, Apparatus and System for Management of Information Content for Enhanced Accessibility Over Wireless Communication Networks." It was filed for in 2004, and granted in Oct. 2009.

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Do you think a small company can take down giants such as Facebook or Google, or is this just an attempt at fast money?

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