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Live-streaming of Mangano inauguration

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano will begin his second term in office Thursday morning when he is sworn in before an audience of local officials and Web viewers.

The inauguration ceremony, set for 10 a.m. at Bethpage High School, will be streamed live via UStream.

Viewers can watch Mangano take the oath of office here:

Live streaming video by Ustream

Complete text of speech, provided by County Executive Edward Mangano's office:

Good Morning!

Allow me to start off by saying thank you, Governor Cuomo, for taking time away from your busy schedule to join me on this special day. I am deeply honored by your presence.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Senator D'Amato, Senator Schumer, State Comptroller DiNapoli, County Comptroller Maragos, County Clerk O'Connell, Presiding Officer Gonsalves, Justice Feinman, colleagues in government, reverend clergy, distinguished guests, family and friends... Thank you for celebrating with me today.

Wow, what an amazing feeling to be joining with all of you here today. Back at my alma mater, in fact my entire family's alma mater… Bethpage High School.

I am humbled and honored to be sworn in today as your County Executive for the second time.

So I welcome all of you… to what my wife Linda has called…the Inauguration…the Musical. (Today, is mostly her doing so if you enjoy it thank her, if you hate it blame me-- I'm used to it).

For the last few months, you've seen signs that say, “Thank you Ed Mangano”. Now is the time for ME to say, “Thank you Nassau County!”

Let me begin by thanking each and every resident for allowing me to serve as your County Executive! Your support is overwhelming.

I would like to thank Republican Party Chairman Joseph Mondello, First Vice Chairman Joseph Cairo, NYS Republican Chairman Ed Cox, State Independence Party Chairman, Frank MacKay, County Independence Party Chairman Rick Bellando, Conservative Party Chairman Danny Donovan, Senator Alfonse D'Amato and all of the volunteers who served on my re-election committee.

Your hours of hard work and your constant dedication mean more to me than words could ever express. Let me just say…We did it together and what a team.

I thank America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, for his support and endorsement, as well as all the volunteer firefighters, fire marshals, EMTs, the New York Veteran Police Association and first responders who enthusiastically supported my campaign.

Sincere gratitude is extended to Tom Santucci for coordinating a Democrats for Mangano effort and Bob Fonti for the support of the Italian American Association. Grazie to you, Bob, and to my Italian teacher Signore Maio, who is here with us today.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the many trade workers who supported our economic development accomplishments, including the Carpenters, Plumbers, Journeymen and Allied Trades, Operating Engineers, Ironworkers and Court Officers and other committees that supported me.

To my wife and head cheerleader Linda, and my amazing sons Sal and Alex… thank you for your love, understanding and support!

I also want to thank my parents, who have always believed in me and my brothers and my family for all of their encouragement. You guys are the best!. To my grandmother Elinor who recently turned 97 and is watching from home…I say I love you Mama.

Four years ago, we gathered in this very room and set forth a plan to address the many challenges we as a county faced and I am happy with the progress my team has made in creating jobs and making Nassau County more affordable.

And while we set forth on a path to hold the line on taxes, cut wasteful spending and create jobs and opportunities for our residents, we were met with quite a few additional challenges along the way.

Let's just say that there were a number of curve balls thrown in our direction and we were ready, willing and able to knock them out of the ballpark with the help of my talented and dedicated County team.

Our goal…our priority is to make Nassau County the best it can be and to make you proud of your home…our home. And today in Nassau County we certainly have much to be proud of.

For the first time in a long time, we, in Nassau County can be proud of the fact that we are NO LONGER the highest property taxed County in the nation.

In fact, local governments around the state contact us to better understand how we cut taxes while closing a 400-million dollar deficit. And while it wasn't a simple task, my team and I set forth to make the hard decisions, we knew had to be made.

Reduced the Size of Government by 20%;
Implemented Efficiencies;
Launched Public-Private Partnerships; and
Put forth an aggressive Economic Development Plan

Together, we have reinvented the way in which our government operates.
We basically put Nassau County on a diet!

Today Nassau County continues to deliver important services through a dedicated workforce. Our right-sized government works harder and does more with less.

We have slashed the payroll, cut our energy costs with cooperative purchasing and green energy initiatives, reduced the vehicle fleet, eliminated 2,500 copy machines and 1,700 phone lines. We have become more efficient, which is why I would like to take a moment to thank my team for their hard work and success:

First, my Commissioner of Public Works, Shila Shah-Gav-NU-de-us for administering several cost saving programs. She and our team have successfully converted all traffic lights to LED and instituted a state of the art snow plow monitoring system that provides real-time data showing the location and speed of the plow, and whether the sander is on or off, and if the plow is up or down. We have met every snow storm with the best possible service.

I thank Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Craft for his superior emergency management --best demonstrated by Nassau County's response to Hurricane Sandy. Our Nassau County response was impressive and because of that effort and the efforts of our first responders, no lives were lost during that powerful storm. In fact I am proud Nassau County received the prestigious National Weather Service Award for being storm ready.

I also thank Social Services Commissioner John Imhoff for his outstanding delivery of social services while establishing our team of Fraud investigators who recovered and prevented $15.3 million dollars in Medicaid fraud for Nassau residents.

Nassau County has declared war on domestic violence, prescription drug abuse and the heroin epidemic facing too many families. We continue to dedicate ourselves to education, prevention and programs such as our free NARCAN training program which is saving lives and keeping families whole. Special thanks to Eden Laikin, and my wife Linda for recognizing just how important this issue is to each and every resident of this county.

Thank you to Sheriff Michael Sposato for leading the County in efficiencies and cost cutting initiatives. From launching a public private partnership that created inmate health care in the jail, resulting in a 7 million dollar a year savings by eliminating costly travel to area hospitals to successfully completing a comprehensive energy savings initiative, Sheriff Sposato has a proven record.

I also commend Fire Marshall Scott Tusa for his work in consolidating and establishing a state of the art training and education center at Nassau County's Firefighter training facilities.

Thank you Health Commissioner Dr. Larry Eisenstein for your leadership in safely evacuating 6 nursing homes and a hospital in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and for bringing national acclaim to our County by winning 3 National Model Practice Awards, the highest number of awards won by a local health department in the United States in 2013. His team of nurses and health care professionals are second to none.

I also commend Commissioner Ed Eisenstein for his successful launch of efficient technology including our smart application called Nassau Now. For those of you who haven't downloaded this app, please do.

In addition to addressing the prescription drug shortage for cancer medication, this department launched a prescription drug sharing application for hospital pharmacists.

Thank you, Executive Directors Eldia Gonsalves and Herb Flores for your exemplary work leading the Coordinating Agency for Spanish Americans.

Retired Police Commissioner Thomas Dale, First Deputy Commissioner Thomas Krumpter and Acting Commissioner Vic Politi, thank you for overseeing landmark efficiencies and consolidations in the police department, while reducing gun violence and overall crime by 10 percent.

In an effort to prepare our educational centers, we launched an aggressive Active Shooter training course, provided an opportunity for schools to participate in our closed circuit monitoring program, and provided all schools with two way GPS equipped panic communicators.

In addition, working with District Attorney Kathleen Rice, our Nassau Gun buyback program took 3,000 illegal guns off the streets. Thanks and gratitude is given to our dedicated Nassau County Police force who keep our residents and neighborhoods safe.

I also commend Assessor Jim Davis and ARC Director Darlene Harris for launching a settlement program to eliminate 30 million dollars of debt a year.

With respect to reforming Nassau's assessment system and within the jurisdiction bestowed on us by New York State, it is critical that we avoid the creation of new debt.

To accomplish this goal, we have departed from Nassau's past practices of forcing residents to overpay property taxes and then seek a refund. Instead, we work with homeowners to settle challenges before demanding payment of their taxes.

This plan has saved all taxpayers money - to the tune of 58 million dollars over the past two years! THAT money remains in YOUR pockets and not ours!

I would also like to thank them for their efforts in working with Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer and myself in launching a damaged property tax assessment rebate program to insure no Sandy-affected individuals suffers financial property tax harm and no unaffected property owner is made to pay more for losses in Sandy-damaged neighborhoods.

Former Parks Commissioner, and now County Attorney, Carnell Foskey...thank you for expanding athletic and family entertainment options, such as our fabulous FREE summer concert series, Octoberfest, Barkfest, the Long Island Fair at Old Bethpage Village Restoration and our Annual Cruise to the Show Car Show - just to name a few.

Nassau County residents are using and enjoying their wonderful parks again…as they should be!

In addition, we have improved our Nassau Parks through smart cost-saving partnerships while providing affordable summer camps for our children. Most importantly, we must continue to raise the funds necessary to save the Games for the Physically Challenged as we have done in the past.

In fact, I must take a moment to acknowledge Bethpage School Superintendent Terry Clark, High School Principal Michael Spence, CORE Club Advisor, Scott Lynch, and Senior Class President Conor Nimmo whose fundraising efforts have resulted in raising over 10,000 dollars for the Games for this coming year! Thank You.

I also commend my Economic Development Team lead by Joseph Kearney, which has created thousands of jobs and launched my successful transit oriented workforce rental housing program, which transforms vacant run down buildings into apartments. To date, over 1,000 apartments have been launched.

We have hosted several extremely successful job fairs...and launched the Nassau County smart phone app called Nassau Works that lists tens of thousands of jobs available for our residents. All on your smartphone and at the touch of a screen.

Collectively, our efforts have resulted in Nassau County having the lowest unemployment rate and the largest growth in sales tax revenue in the region. What that means is that people are finding more jobs and opportunities in Nassau than anywhere else and residents are showing consumer confidence in this County. And that my friends is promising news for a brighter future.

And of course, a priority of mine was to launch the Film and TV industry in Nassau County. I am proud to say that production is flourishing. In fact, Nassau County is quickly becoming the Hollywood East of the movie and television industry.

Collectively, television and movie filming generated 144 million dollars in economic benefit to the area in 2012 and employed nearly 2,000 people.

Nassau now has more filming days than four of the five New York City boroughs and regularly employs electricians, carpenters and artisans, to name a few.

Most recently, Carrie Underwood performed a live television broadcast of the Sound of Music on NBC from Grumman Studios. And the most expensive motion picture in history – The Amazing Spiderman 2 - was recently filmed in Bethpage as well and will be released next year.

To continue growing jobs, I have launched efforts to attract digital editing post production companies to Nassau County.

I commend Commissioner Lisa Murphy, for successfully overseeing the merger of 6 departments resulting in a new Department of Human Services which includes the departments of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, Developmental Disabilities, Senior Citizen Affairs, the Office of the Physically Challenged and the Nassau County Youth Board.

Today, Nassau County is delivering important health and human services to all our residents through this new streamlined department. In addition, I am proud of how we have been able to enhance the lives of so many of our seniors with programs and events such as our senior luncheons that pay tribute to our seniors who are truly the foundation of this great county.

I also wish to recognize Deputy County Executive for Finance Tim Sullivan for his steady and conservative approach to finances and to NIFA Chairman Jon Kaiman for instilling a collegiate, cooperative approach to addressing two decades of poor fiscal policies.

Posthumously, I recognize Veteran Service Agency Executive Director Joseph Pascarella, the best director this agency has ever been led by.

Joe leaves a legacy of creating unprecedented housing opportunities for returning veterans, single parent veterans and active duty military.

In fact, under Joe's leadership and according to data released by the United States Veterans Administration, counselors at the Nassau County VSA have significantly increased the annual total amount of cash awards received by Nassau County veterans from under 1 million in 2006 to $5 million in the first half of 2013.

The County is on pace to secure a record breaking $10+ million in benefits for local veterans this year. We are honored to have Joe Pascarella's wife, Marion, and family here with us today and I ask that they please stand and be recognized.

To Brian Nevin for handling the never ending questions from an aggressive, inquisitive, and not always cooperative media, I thank you for your tireless efforts.

Last, but not least, I thank my Chief Deputy Rob Walker for his constant oversight and unwavering commitment to provide efficient and effective services for the people of Nassau County.

Rob, thank you for working with me to launch Nassau's landmark public private partnerships, including the 100 percent privately financed publicly owned Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, NICE bus, Cosmos practice field and twin indoor ice skating rinks.

What a team! Collectively their efforts have resulted in Nassau County receiving Governor Cuomo's NYS Government Efficiency Award--
Government and Efficiency…now those are two words you don't see very often in the same sentence.

But, here in Nassau County, it is what residents deserve and should expect!

And speaking of achievement, let me thank Governor Cuomo and New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos for their partnership in keeping Nassau affordable.

Nassau's relationship with New York State is a shining example of bipartisan cooperation on behalf of all our residents and truly exemplifies what government is supposed to be: RESIDENTS FIRST and PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS!

Again, thank you Governor Cuomo for being here today. On behalf of Nassau's residents. may I say we value your leadership, concern, cooperation and friendship!

Our successful working relationship is fostered by the Leadership of New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos who is a strong voice for our residents! Thank you Dean!

I want also to thank my colleagues in the Nassau County Legislature, who work tirelessly in supporting cost saving initiatives and endorsements of public private partnerships. I look forward to working with you for 4 more years.

Our next four years are already full of challenges and opportunities that promise to make Nassau County an even better place to live, work and raise a family!

From breaking ground on a world class Veteran Memorial Coliseum and entertainment district, to planning a job generating phase three at the Hub.

From new opportunities at Belmont Park, to the expansion of the Film and TV Industry, much job growth is on the horizon.

From renovating the shuttered social services building into a state of the art family court, to building a new crime lab; there is much to accomplish.

From making certain every Sandy Survivor is back in their home, to rebuilding our waste water treatment plant, there is much opportunity to rebuild stronger and smarter. And our wish list of building an ocean outfall pipe to protect our bay, recreational boating and commercial fishing remains an opportunity we must seize.

From planning emergency worker dorms, to building a state of the art public safety training center, there is much planning to be done.

From increasing housing options for our youth, to strengthening our transit system there is much work to accomplish.

But, as you can see, I have the team of colleagues in place, a dedicated workforce and intergovernmental cooperation in order to accomplish these goals and more.

I must say, I love my job serving as County Executive, and am so grateful that you have provided me the opportunity of a second term.

From a Janitor to a County Executive…who could have ever imagined? WOW. America and especially Nassau County, is the best place on earth.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

“I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.”

The future is bright and we here in Nassau County have so much to look forward to! We want to make this place your home and your children's home for years to come.

God bless you, and these United States of America. And thank you all for being a part of TEAM NASSAU!

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