Cheerleaders from two Ohio high schools have donated $6,000 to Long Beach High School to replace athletic uniforms and equipment destroyed by superstorm Sandy.

The cheerleaders -- from rivals Jackson High School in Massilion and Hoover High School in North Canton -- raised money from local businesses as part of the fund drive, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach school district said. The Jackson cheerleaders also organized a one-day effort called Candy For Sandy, and the Hoover cheerleaders gave away T-shirts in exchange for donations, the spokeswoman said.

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"The actions of these students and the adults who supported them in their endeavors demonstrate to us what wonderful and giving communities Jackson and Hoover must be," Arnold Epstein, the Long Beach school district's director of athletics, physical education and health, said in a statement.

Sandy destroyed equipment and uniforms for most of Long Beach High School's athletic teams, a school spokeswoman said.