MANORVILLE - A 4-year-old Manorville girl is finally back home, months after the horrific car crash that killed her mother and big brother. Marialena Trinca was released from Saint Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson this morning. The girl suffered a traumatic brain injury and a fractured pelvis in the October crash and couldn't walk, talk or eat on her own afterwards. She spent three months in St. Charles' pediatric rehabilitation unit and has undergone several surgeries. With the help of physical, occupational and speech therapists, Marialena's progress has surpassed everyone's expectations, her doctors say. Marialena's 2-year-old brother Christopher also survived the crash when their family car was broadsided by a truck at Route 111 and Montauk Avenue. Their 7-year-old brother, Jason Jr., and their mother, Keri, did not make it. Marialena's speech therapist says her first word when she began speaking again was "mommy."

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