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Massapequa resident hopes to solve Sandy wedding photo mystery

This wedding photo was found on the front

This wedding photo was found on the front lawn of Leah Welsh's home in Massapequa the day after superstorm Sandy swept across Long Island.

While sifting through the debris left in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy more than two years ago, Massapequa resident Leah Welsh came across an unexpected discovery washed upon her lawn – an old wedding photo featuring two smiling strangers.

“My husband and I were sorting through the mess, and we found this photo,” Welsh, 34, said. “We had no idea where it came from.”

Welsh harbored the photo in her home, unable to find the original owner, and after several attempts the search was abandoned. However, after rediscovering the photo under a pile of papers in her dining room earlier this week, Welsh is determined to find the owner of the forgotten photo yet again.

“I thought I had misplaced the photo after we were cleaning up from Sandy – I was so upset about it,” Welsh said. “But now that I’ve found it again, I’m thankful.”

The photo was found on Welsh’s lawn on Alhambra Road in Massapequa on Oct. 30, 2012. The 8 x 10 picture is yellowed with age and has suffered some minor damage from braving the storm, including grass and dirt stains.

According to Welsh, the photo is inserted in some sort of sleeve, which she believes may have once been the inside of a frame. While she cannot give an exact date on the photo, Welsh says it perhaps dates to the ’50s or ’60s.

“I’m surprised we found it in such good condition,” Welsh said. “Who knows what could have happened to it. Maybe it was in a frame that broke, or it was kept in some sort of storage that got washed away in a flood.”

Welsh posted the photo in several community Facebook groups earlier this week, but has not yet received any tangible leads.  

“If it was me who suffered so much devastation through Sandy, I know I would want the photo back,” Welsh said. “It’s something special, and it seems like something that would mean so much to the owners.”

Anyone with information can email Leah Welsh at

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