Promixty to Manhattan. Great schools. Parks. Beaches. Those are just some of the benefits of living in Nassau County. Now add the fastest Internet access in the country to the list.

According to speed and carrier data generated by ID Insight’s Broadband Scout database, Nassau County has a median download speed of 15 megabits per second and a median upload speed of 4.4 megabits per second. The list's was dominated by East Coast locales, including Kent County, R.I., Merecer County, N.J., upstate Putnam and Mercer counties   and Frederick County, Va. -- all in the top 10.

Suffolk County made the list at No. 22. Not too shabby.  

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Here's the full list:

   1. Nassau County, N.Y.
   2. Kent County, R.I.
   3. Putnam County, N.Y.
   4. Benton County, Ore.
   5. Mercer County, N.J.
   6. Richmond County, N.Y.
   7. Delaware County, Ind.
   8. Snohomish County, Wash.
   9. Thurston County, Wash.
  10. Frederick County, Va.
  11. Washington County, R.I.
  12. Arlington County, Va.
  13. Yamhill County, Ore.
  14. Providence County, R.I.
  15. Calvert County, Md.
  16. Bristol County, R.I.
  17. Multnomah County, Ore.
  18. Chester County, Pa.
  19. Washington County, Ore.
  20. Salem County, N.J.
  21. Allen County, Ind.
  22. Suffolk County, N.Y.
  23. Ramsey County, Minn.
  24. Island County, Wash.
  25. Howard County, Md.