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No beach clubs for most Nassau taxpayers

Nassau taxpayers own a beach they can't even use! Nassau used $5-million of taxpayers' money to buy 112 beachfront acres in 1968, but the property will now be leased for private clubs' use. So, you want to use the beach you already paid for. How much? Tack on upward of $5,000 to rent a cabana for the season, then you'll be able to finally sink your toes in the sand. Originally planned to become a public park, those plans were put on hold in the mid 1970s because the county didn't have the money.  Not long ago, the Suozzi administration signed a 10-year lease, which will expire in 2018. Maybe then, taxpayers will enjoy the beach they have been investing in.  Watch below to see what taxpayers are missing out on...

Videojournalist: Audrey C. Tiernan


 For more information on this story be sure to look for more details in Sunday's paper.

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