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Offshoot blog shares LIRR chatter

From the Long Island Rail Road rider who brought you The Cranky Commuter blog comes an offshoot  that shares purported chatter overheard while traveling to and from work.

The blog, Overheard on Your Commute, had its debut post today with a conversation about the dangers of Sea World and captive Killer Whales.

You know, it’s a thing to see. Those whales are all tucked up in their pens. We took the kids there once many years ago, and we got there real early, and got a great seat.”


“Yeah. Very cool. But, you know it’s a tough thing to watch, those killer whales on TV, when they kill those seals. Heartbreaking.”

“Sometimes I feel like those seals. This train ride is like trying to make it out to the ocean with giant Orcas running interference the whole way out.”

The anonymous blogger invites others to offer “strange, funny, or just plain nonsense conversation on your commute” that he’ll share on the site.

E-mail him at

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