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Old SMS site in Deer Park is off state cleanup list

New York State environmental officials said Wednesday that SMS Instruments, a Deer Park industrial plant and former Superfund site, has been taken off the state’s list of inactive hazardous-waste disposal sites.

A $1.5 million cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater at the 1.5-acre site, at 120 Marcus Blvd., was completed in September.

The Department of Environmental Conservation received no comments on the delisting during a 45-day comment period that recently ended.

An estimated 35,000 gallons of hazardous chemicals and sludge were dumped at the SMS Instruments site, according to federal Environmental Protection Agency documents. The now-defunct SMS Instruments overhauled military aircraft components there between 1971 and 1983, according to an EPA news release.

In 1984, state officials asked that SMS Instruments be placed on the National Priorities List. Previous local and state investigations indicated that wastewater from an on-site leaching pool contained industrial solvents and other hazardous chemicals. Other sources of contamination included a 6,000-gallon underground tank used to store jet fuel, as well as leaking and corroded drums stored outdoors on the property, according to the EPA.

In 1989, the EPA proposed a $1.2-million cleanup that involved extracting contaminated groundwater, treating it and then discharging it. Various cleanup activities occurred there through 1996; a groundwater treatment system operated through 2007, said EPA spokeswoman Mary Mears.

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